HVAC Company in Woodbury Heights, NJ

Whether it’s in your home or at your place of business, a properly functioning HVAC system is important. With the extreme weather we get in both directions in South Jersey, you need your system running when that weather is at its worst. When you need HVAC repairs, installation or maintenance, trust a local company that does the job right. Let Maxie Heating & Cooling be your HVAC company in Woodbury Heights, NJ! We’ll help keep you and your property comfortable throughout the year, no matter what Mother Nature has to offer.

Exceptional HVAC Service For South Jersey Residents

Maxie Heating & Cooling offers a number of HVAC services for your Woodbury Heights property, and we’re ready to take your call now.

Does your heating or air conditioning system need a fix? We can diagnose your problem and fix it properly, so that you don’t have to call us back. Whether it’s a compressor, a refrigerant leak, a thermostat failure or new pilot light, we can address the problem quickly for you. Whenever your system isn’t working up to speed, is running constantly, or you have a shutdown, don’t wait…call us!

Need a new HVAC system installation? We can take care of that for you too, for both heating and air conditioning or both. We are able to install most every type of unit, even boilers, oil to gas conversion systems, or air purification. Your new HVAC system will be much more efficient, and will help lower your energy bills. Anytime your system is over ten years old, it may need replacing…so don’t hesitate to call us if you think it’s time.

At Maxie, we also offer affordable maintenance programs, that are well worth the investment to keep your systems running efficiently. When you sign on for our maintenance program, we’ll periodically check your system, lubricate moving parts, change filters, calibrate thermostats and much more. We’ll also spot small problems and correct them before they become big ones. We can keep your heating and air conditioning systems running efficiently, and extend their lifespan too.

We know that everyone’s budgets are strained these days. That’s why we offer financing options and payment plans that work for you, including energy incentives.

Your Dependable HVAC Company in Woodbury Heights – Contact Us Today.

If your HVAC system is breaking down or sluggish, take care of the problem now before it gets worse. Leave the job to your trusted HVAC company in Woodbury Heights! Reach out to Maxie Heating & Cooling today and tell us what you need. We’ll help keep you comfortable throughout the year!

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